Because Money
Doesn’t Come
With Instructions

That's why we take the time to give you an ear, learn your goals, and then create a plan that will help you to achieve them.


RK ADVISORS company proposes the following main strategies to its customers: conservative strategy, balanced strategy, aggressive strategy. Based on these three main strategies an individual portfolio is developed for each customer, which can be changed later taking into account the current life and financial situation.


Experienced professionals under the guidance of Renat Kudakaev, who is an expert in the field of finance, analyze markets and develop an individual strategy daily.
A qualified personal financial adviser will offer you a consultation at any time, share relevant information and tell you when and at what point it is better to invest in currency, stocks or gold.


Having a long-term experience working with banks (brokers), our advisors know that banks (brokers) use a number of “tricks” to increase their remuneration and hidden commissions in prejudice of their end customers. We can use this knowledge to minimize transaction costs and to maximize the profit.

About us

My name is Renat Kudakaev and I am CEO of the independent investment consulting company RK ADVISORS.

RK ADVISORS is an international company based in the United Arab Emirates that provides information and consulting services for private investors wishing to work at the financial markets. We have everything necessary to provide professional assistance to independent investors who want to make the investments to the financial markets. When someone starts working at the financial markets, it must be understood that there is a necessity to have a permanent access to the insights. To do this, we offer all aspects of financial information.

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Karen T.

Toronto, Canada

For a long time I worked with different people, studied, navigated for my own style in financial management. I liked the Renat’s way of working because of his honesty, openness, customer-focused and professionalism. Although I manage the portfolio myself and use different strategies (from short-term commodity futures and stock trading to long-term investing), I apply for help from time to time.

Konstantin F.

Ukhta, Russia

In December 2014, at the peak of the another economic crisis, I realized that the formation of my well-being is in my hands. I decided to invest a free part of the money. Since then I started searching for the best information on financial markets.
I got an access to the files of RK ADVISORS less than a year ago. Despite such a short period of time, I have a very good mind about the RK ADVISORS professional integrity and the quality of their reviews.

Ivan P.

Sydney, Australia

I find “RK ADVISORS” one of the main resources for macro-investment ideas that I use.
The content is an actual set of macro and momentum forecasts, supported by an explanation of signals from financial markets and technical indicators.
The most valuable for me is the description of events and catalysts of fundamental nature that can lead to the revaluation of the asset in the medium term.



Подробные аналитические обзоры
– одно из ключевых преимуществ



Renat Kudakaev




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