Financial planning

Modern life constantly generates situations when it is necessary to think quickly and to make one or another financial decision as take care of elderly parents, save up for a comfortable life after retirement, pay for the children’s education, buy a cottage or apartment, keep the available capital. And this decision should be thought out and competent! You have to think about it and many other things while you pay your daily expenses, going on vacations, buying a new car.
Financial planning is something more than a solution of your accumulated financial problems. As a result, you have to improve your financial situation through the search for new opportunities. You have to start the financial planning from the formulation of financial goals.
We provide our clients with the most efficient and professional assistance. We do not just give financial advice, but we individually develop a strategy for financing the future, planning and realization of dreams.
What you want to see your life in 1, 5, 10, 20 years? Nothing motivates or inspires to anyone more than setting goals and when he sees a clear path to achieving them. We will show you the way from today to a better future.
It is never too early or too late to start planning your future by putting in order the financial affairs. With our professional support, you will certainly achieve the planned goals.

Investment Management

The stock, bonds, and ETF market has a high yield. But the most people have a vague notion about investments and trading on the stock exchange. This happens due to low financial literacy and stereotypes. Thanks to the nonprofessional broker, stock exchanges are associated with deception. People lose the opportunity to increase their welfare without taking part in the purchase and sale of securities.

According to the current legislation, any citizen can purchase shares of a local or foreign company. And also can deposit the funds in a special account and hire a stock broker. Buying and selling securities at the financial markets, you determine the degree of risk and possible profitability. Investing in securities is more profitable than keeping money on deposit. Bank deposit can bring a maximum of 8% per annum, which immediately will be devalued by inflation. Yield at the financial market is 12-15% per annum. The main thing is to choose the right tools.

Personal advice

Using the personal advice at the financial markets, you get a unique opportunity to discuss personally with analysts and experts the current situation in the securities market. Learn the details in the development of trading strategies. See the shortest way to high profits and low risks. The only adviser’s task is the customer’s financial success.

Advice consist of:

  • changes in the value of securities and assets forecast for the nearest period of time. This forecast allows you to understand which securities are profitable to sell and which to buy.
  • Trading strategies based on technical and fundamental market analysis.
  • Investment portfolio recommendations. Selection of financial instruments with high profitability, minimization of possible risks.

Advantages of working with a personal financial advisor

  1. One advisor is assigned to each customer. No need to start every meeting with the explanation of your situation.
  2. For every customer the individual detailed financial operations plan is developed. Customer decides whether to follow this plan or not.
  3. The adviser is concerned with your success. If there is no result, you will not return to him any more. Therefore, the goal of the work is a long-term effective partnership.
  4. Assistance in emergency situations. Stock price runups may cause a desire to sell them as soon as possible. But such decision is not always clear. The advisor will tell you when to wait and when to sell sooner.

Minimization of financial risks                                                                                               

Our analysts help you choose the most profitable financial tools. Explain what and when to buy and what to avoid. They advise how to distribute free investments to balance risks. You should never invest all your money in one company’s shares. It is necessary to use a differentiated approach: invest in different financial tools. Having a personal advisor, you will learn how to distribute investments to minimize possible risks.

By investing in securities under the guidance of a personal advisor, you minimize market risks.

Yield growth of your investments

Personal financial advice helps you figure out what and when to invest your savings to make a profit. At the same time, the customer’s money remains in his bank account. We do not manage the customer’s finances, but only give the information, telling about the situation in the financial market. Customer decides by his own where and how much to invest.

Brokerage service

To buy and sell security you will need an investment account. A broker can set up such an account. A broker is a financial institution with a special license. Ordinary people get access to the trading on the stock exchange through this company. Currently, there are just over 50,000 brokers in the world. To select a brokerage company, you need to contact a representative of the broker, i.e. an independent agent who concludes contracts between brokerage companies and private customers. The broker’s representative does not have access to the customer’s finances, so this cooperation is completely safe.

What brokerage services includes

Brokerage services are not only the purchase and sale of various assets, but also a number of other operations. To make the work with investments convenient, we recommend paying attention to the full range of services.

  • Set up the account, customer registration on the exchange, assignment of specialized codes for transactions. There are a few ways to set up the account: personally, sending documents by mail or through a broker representative.
  • Access to the markets: the larger the broker, the more financial markets the customer gets access to.
  • Detailed informing the customer about the way the trades are conducted.
  • Execution of the customers wishes on the sale, purchase of shares, bonds, currencies. The most part of companies offer their own software to the customer. More rarely, there is an opportunity to give an order by phone. Choosing a company, it is important to know the offered trading programs: if they are compatible with the customer’s operating system, and if they are clear enough. In some companies you have to pay additionally for the programs.
  • Preparation of reports on purchased, sold assets, expenditure of funds, dividends.
  • Issuance of certificates on payment of taxes, the price of purchased shares, securities.


The stock market is an opportunity to earn income. By investing free money in stocks, you can get a dividend yield several times higher than the yield on deposits. In many advanced economies, financial markets are a familiar and understandable way to invest. The ordinary people, such as housewives, doctors, teachers, invest in stocks. But in Russia we have a very vague notion about stock markets.

Stereotypes and low financial literacy do not allow the Russians to properly dispose the investments. Most of our fellow citizens do not take into account the opportunity to increase their income and provide a decent pension for fear of fraud.

Competent investment

Anyone can learn how to trade in the financial markets and invest competently. You just need to spend time to learn the basic tools. Working with securities is undoubtedly more difficult than just setting up a bank deposit at 6% per annum. However, everyone can understand the investment sector. It is not quantum physics.
We train customers all over Russia, improving financial literacy and teach them how to invest correctly.

We offer a several ways of trainings:

  • training courses for complete learning from the ground up;
  • workshops on learning some special topics;
  • Webinars to learn from any point of the world.

What do we learn

  1. Financial markets. Basic definitions: securities, shares, bonds. Order of sale, purchase, distribution of dividends. We will tell you how to set up a brokerage account, how to choose a broker. How the stock exchange works, how differ from the currency exchange stock. After training, customers will be able to set up a brokerage account and start using financial tools.
  2. Investment. What does investing mean and how to make money on it. Why and how much to invest in securities. How to protect yourself from risks. We will teach you how to estimate the real value of companies, to determine the capitalization and its impact on the value of shares, to work with multipliers. After training, you will know all these terms and investments will be profitable.
  3. Analytics. We will teach you to analyze the reporting of companies, choose the most profitable.
  4. Risk minimization. We will study how to reduce risks to a minimum. What should be the composition of the financial portfolio. How to invest and in what shares. What to choose: stocks, currency, real estate or precious metals?
  5. Forecasting activity. We will show how the political and economic events affect exchange rates. We will explain why the stock price may fall or rise after politicians speeches from different countries. We will reveal the relationship between the purchase of shares and the development of the company, the expansion of production.

Our goal is to improve people’s financial literacy. We do not want people to invest in financial pyramids, take loans in micro-loans at 800% per annum and receive a minimum pension. We believe that everyone, using the right approach, can secure a passive income and a decent pension without state assistance.

Investment management

Do you want your funds bring you income? Do you want to keep it in a bank in your account and at the same time, you are ready to entrust money management to the professionals? The investment management service will suit you best! Our company will do our best to make your funds bring you maximum profit. Evaluate all the advantages of trust account management.


Principles of cooperation

We work with both individual and institutional investors. We develop advanced capital management strategies to achieve our customers’ goals.

How we organize our work:

— We help clients to navigate the financial markets and identify opportunities that open up for their investment purposes.

— We advise customers on how to distribute assets to achieve optimal results, focusing on the dynamic market environment.

— We investigate market ideas and create investment portfolios with a wide range of asset classes.

We consider the goals of each customer, his investment experience and risk tolerance, and determine the most appropriate financial investment plan for that customer.
To fill the needs of our customers, we use a variety of methods to properly manage assets. The main component of this process is “multi-dimensional diversification”. It includes several asset classes, several management styles, and often several managers.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Can I trust you?

A. We provide individual, unbiased advice on financial markets that are free from conflicts of interest - as we do not sell financial tools (for example, stocks, share investment funds or brokerage accounts, etc.).

Q. Shell I transfer my investments to you?

A. no need to transfer your investments. We are not a bank or a broker, so we do not set up accounts, we do not raise the capital either keep it. Your funds remain in your account in your bank. You conclude contract with us on rendering of advising services, pay for it, and then we provide you the selected service.

Q. Shell I change my bank or broker?

A. It is not necessarily. If you are satisfied with your bank/broker, you do not need to change it. If you do not have a broker yet, we can choose the most suitable company for you.

Q. How can I pay for your services?

A. We offer clear and simple payment options. Alternatively, we provide flexible fixed payment options, including customized research as well as phone advises. You can pay for a one-time study, or pay for a monthly/yearly subscription.

Possible Risks


Market risk is the risk of losses due to changes in the value of the portfolio consisting of assets with market value and purchased for resale. Market risk is characterized by macroeconomic nature, respectively, the sources of this risk are indicators of the financial system, for example, market indices.


Inflation or the risk of changes in the purchasing power of money, better known as inflationary risk, is determined mainly by the rate of inflation in the country, which negatively affects the savings of citizens, as well as the value of securities with fixed income.



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